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Small Collections

Candle sticks_edited_edited.jpg
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My small collections include the Wine Holder, the Wooden Pen and the Spinning Top.

Each piece is created from a unique piece of wood indigenous to South Africa, hand chosen for its spectacular grain. These creations strive to honor the material they were created from, with smooth, unadorned surfaces showcasing the unique qualities of the various indigenous woods. All products are finished with 100% natural, non-toxic polish.

Unique Bowls

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Rosenhof exhibit7_edited.jpg
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My collection of wooden art bowls ranges widely in dimensions and styles. Each bowl is completely unique. I have always been fascinated by a continuously changing curved surface. With bowls I find that when I get my "perfect" line, the overall effect is somehow empty.  Perfection, it has been said, permits no freedom, hints at nothing, leads nowhere. So I love turning natural edge bowls, which have a life of their own. Then I only catch occasional glimpses of that line, but mostly it is only hinted at.

Springwood Set

Springwood Lounger + footstool fullcircl
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The Springwood Lounger is a culmination of 16 years of design, a testament to the human form and a redefinition of traditional craftsmanship.

The beauty of this chair is that its design flows purely from a consideration of the ergonomic, it’s aesthetic is the ergonomic, defined by the profile of a relaxed human form.


Dining table in shop _edited_edited.jpg
Mbira Art Chair Full Circle Furniture_ed
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My collection of handcrafted wooden furniture features chairs such as the Mbira and the Squiggleback, which have been designed, re-designed and perfected over many years. I also, however, regularly create unique pieces such as dining tables, coffee tables, desks and standing lamps. These pieces are simply not repeatable, they reflect the individuality of wood and the ever-changing nature of my craft.

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