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Image by Adrian Degner

Atelier 21 - Art & Design

Atelier 21 is a diverse collective of artists, craftspeople and designers who came together to build a creative space. Located in the bustling Mühlenkamp district of Hamburg, the art and design gallery displays a great variety of creative expressions, including fine art, handcrafted wooden furniture and handmade boutique clothing.

Exhibition works

Contributing Artists

The work exhibited in Atelier 21 features collections from Full Circle Furniture

(in collaboration with Lisl Barry), Pippo Kudi, Catherina Türk, and Scilla Couture

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After a yeah of collaborative exhibition, Full Circle Furniture will be leaving Atelier 21 at the end of July 2023. The gallery continues with artist Pippo Kudi and designers of Narah Soleigh. We thank them for the wonderful collaboration and wish them every success going forward!

Full Circle Furniture, with Lisl Barry


Richard Henley (furniture designer) and Lisl Barry (fine artist) are both based in South Africa and have exhibited together on numerous occasions. Richard has a background in traditional joinery, yacht interiors, and furniture design. Hand tool skills and traditional cabinetry are the defining features of his work, combined with contemporary design to create works of incredible detail and elegance. Lisl Barry draws her inspiration from the heart of the Klein Karoo in South Africa. Surrounded by semi-desert landscapes, she captures the essence of rural Africa on canvas.

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